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What is Push Note

Push Note connects you to your favorite content and delivers it right to your phone. Never miss another update on your favorite celebrity or topic again, follow the content you want and get it first!

Push Your Own Content

As a Provider, you can set up free or paid subscriptions, customize notification sounds, get detailed stats on your followers, or set up private Push Notes that only your most loyal fans can access.

What Pushes You?

Find and follow your favorite topics like celebrities, business, style, tech, gaming, movies and more!

What Matters To You

With Push Note you’ll be the first to get the latest scoop on only the stuff you care about. It’s like having a VIP pass to everything you love, delivered right to your phone.

Pushing Is Caring

Got an awesome Push from someone you are following? Push Note allows you to push it out to your friends with just a few taps or you can share a Push across all your social networks.

Never Miss A Push

With notifications your Push Notes are sent right to your phone and also stored in Notifications Section if you want to come back and check out a Push Note at a later time.